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Ann Wenona Wright
Ann Wenona Wright
Ann Wenona Wright

Ann Wenona Wright

Some Of The Best Tiny Houses Ever Made

Zenyaka house in South Africa

Tiny Cabin on a Lake - perfection

Rustically Awesome Small Cabin in the Woods | Tiny House Pins One of my concerns with a tiny house is the feeling of being too enclosed and cramped. This tiny cabin feels so spacious and lets lots of natural light in!

I would totally live in a small prefab house. Less is more. and this one is so pretty! #house #prefab #home

This is a wee house, pod-built, in Port Townsend, Washington. I'm feeling a need to go check this out! As much as I like the idea of a barber shop inside an older train passenger car, I also like this concept. Dream big, save money bigger, I guess! Road trip to Port Townsend, Bernese Mountain Dogs in tow and GPS to do some geocaching on the way!

Possibly my new favorite artist. Mateo Dineen : Something Other

Nailed it! This is amazing.

Joss Whedon - smart man for giving that girl a gun.