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two almonds sitting on top of a table next to a white paper with the word charles written in gold
Klassieke geboortekaart Charles - gouden foliedruk met blauwe kleur op snee
a card with an image of a fox on it and the words i solde next to it
Geboortekaart meisje met vosje
two blue and yellow greeting cards with the word reno written in gold foil on them
Koningsblauw geboortekaartje voor Remy met gele letters - kleur op snee
a close up of a piece of paper with flowers on it and the word clarce written in pink
Roze foliedruk Geboortekaartje voor Clarice
a white card with gold lettering and a top hat on the front is next to some candy
Geboortekaart Henri - gouden foliedruk op lichtblauwe kaart
a purple bookmark with the words, the best is yet to come on it
Velvet touch - purple wedding save the date
an open notebook with the word henri on it next to two small round candies
Geboortekaartje Henri - jongen Lichtblauw, afgeronde hoekjes en afgewerkt met gouden foliedruk Birth Card Boy
a card with the word breathe written on it next to some mint green candies
Basile - geboortekaartje jongen met zilveren foliedruk
an open book with writing on it and the word bride written in cursive ink
Basile - geboortekaartje met zilveren foliedruk
closeup of the back of a paper with writing on it
two footprints in the snow with red paint on them
two business cards sitting on top of a keyboard with the words your mind our work
two brown business cards sitting on top of a white table next to some twine
a business card sitting on top of a wooden bowl next to a white plate and saucer