Falling water - Frank Lloyd Wright...I have always loved this beautiful house.

Architecture , Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water : Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water House Over Waterfall

Waterfalls of Gods, Iceland

The Goðafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. It is located in the Mývatn district of North-Central Iceland at the beginning of the Sprengisandur highland road.

Glorious Sky

The sun rays behind this beautiful cloud formation looks like a crown. All hail King Jesus! He's going to come in the clouds!

The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California

I Love The Colour Of This Photograph! A Tree Growing On A Tree, It Is Truly a Wonder Tree, It Must Be Gigantic! The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California photo via rabbitpit


Mossy Forest, Brittany, France <<< this place is literally called Brittany. I have to go there one day.

✯ Lake Úlfljótsvatn, Iceland

White Church And Cemetary. white church Cold but peaceful. This beautiful church is in Iceland by a lake called Úlfljótsvatn.

Gate to the Faerie Realm....

Forest gate doorway portal to a fairy kingdom : says: don't know who made this / where it is but it is fantastic!

✯ Iceland

I hope to travel to Iceland with my dad soon. I have a list of places I would like to visit in my lifetime and Iceland is near the top along with New Zealand and India.

✮ Eyjafjallajökull Volcano - Iceland

Lava flows at Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland. Ah, my ambition is to see an erupting volcano.

✯ Dettifoss Waterfall, Jokulsa a Fjollum River - North East Iceland

Dettifoss Waterfall, Jokulsa a Fjollum River, North East Iceland. Dettifoss, Iceland One of the top 10 waterfalls in the world