OMG - I love this project! I did doors on a cabinet - beyond awesome!

stained wooden boards with a dark stain - placed doormat on top - then sprayed over all with 4 light coats of creamy colored paint. When you remove it the stained wood that was covered by the mat leaves a beautiful design.

DIY stamps


Remove dust from your old , damaged books and make something new and useful! Check out this creative book crafts! You can make jewelry box , la...

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books

"old books into tags. use a tag punch on old book pages." awesome idea but I could never do this to one of my books

DIY Stamps & Patterns

DIY Stamps & Patterns - I could cut a negative stamp of the cityscape stencil I like - pasting the pieces on another piece of foam for the unconnected parts like windows.

self made stamps and their prints

pattern inspiration for designers are homemade self made stamps and their prints

Make Your Own Bottle Top Stamps

bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. bottle tops, glue on foam stickers. bottle tops, glue on foam stickers.

Foam stamps, hand carved

Foam stamps, hand carved - ideas for wooden hand carved stamps for clay.

make-your-own stamps with Styrofoam plates

Scratch foam is basically a thin piece of soft styrofoam that can be scratched and "carved" into with simple tools. Made for kids but perfect to use in simple surface design projects when you are looking to transfer pattern and create texture.

Floral stamps!

Polka Dot Doormat - 52 Weeks Project Flower Garden Stamp Set of 6 hand carved rubber stamps hand carved stamps

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