Anshula kumari

Anshula kumari

Anshula kumari
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Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement Circuit

This street lights that glow on detecting vehicle movement project is built using microcontroller and is used in street lights, highways, parking areas,etc.

Make Your Own Robot! Use these videos for this fun & educational activity for kids who love robots so much they want to make their own.

Tin Can Robot - - Turn a metal can into a walking, wobbling, bog-eyed robot that can move. It can be transformed to become a robotic monster too. Cans can be cool! Kit includes parts and

Intro to Robotics

Robots are rapidly moving from characters and concepts only found in science fiction to part of our everyday lives. serves technical professionals and students who are looking to both foster working relationships and gain access to the latest technical research and knowledge.

Artificially Intelligent Lawyer Ross Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm

Best Manufacturing Incorporating Innovation SGIL wins Best Manufacturing incorporating innovation at this years Coventry Telegraph Awards.

Best Robotics project ideas for final year engineering students have been listed here. RF controlled robotic vehicle, bomb detection robot, etc.

Top list of Latest Electronics Mini Projects Ideas has been published here for students. These are suggested by many experts for ECE and EEE students.

Rebel Quotes, So True, Sad, Insurgent Quotes

A habit tracker is an amazingly simple tool that helps you make progress toward your goals. You can keep an eye on health, productivity, and a work/fun balance with ease. Here are 40 things to track in your habit tracker to get you started!

Everyone uses their bullet journal differently, but there is one thing every bullet journal enthusiast must do: experiment! Here are 13 bullet journal spreads that can take your bullet journal to the next level, so give them a try today!