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Just tape, trace & paint this easy DIY paint-by-number wall mural that features a horse, cow and cute little pig peeking out from behind the doorway.

Barnyard Doorhugger Your favorite friends don't take up much space in this barnyard mural, they just peek around the edge of your door to welcome you into the room. This adorable paint by number farm

One wall for children to decorate so they are apart of the new building process. Or for every book completed.

a mural we made with children who received TOMS Shoes with Giving Partner Buckner International in Peru // art play kid happy -- Also a great idea on how to decorate the walls of the Children's Church room

Hand painted private room. Too cute to waste on a toilet room, to me.

Decorate children's bathroom with a beach theme. This homeowner painted the mural herself creating a one-of-a-kind design statement that costs less and means more. Design by Rate My Space contributor memehill.