Antmarc Soares

Antmarc Soares

Musico,Produtor,físico, apaixonado pela vida e sua simplicidade. Desapegado do material......apaixonado por caes mas nao tenho rsss fincionario do servico publi
Antmarc Soares
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Copos de Leite.

My mom loved calla lilies. And she always said calla lily is an old Hollywood Accent. So of course, when I see them I do the same thing. :) Credit: Calla Lily Valley, Big Sur (By Yan Photography)

imagem que traz paz

surrounded by water, with no escape. But then I remember that my roots drink the water that gives me life, and make me grow and be strong. D. That is beautiful.


Cherry Tree, Kyoto, Japan The cherry blossoms are the most beautiful tree flowers in the entire world, according to me. They completely drench the tree in a soft pink, and I've never seen something more gorgeous.