Worbla automail

While it’s hard to tell Worbla Black from Worbla’s Finest when everything’s finished, the smoothness and ability to take extra fine detail can be a definite bonus.

Boba Fett costume using cardboard. I'll need this for Matt's costume this year or next!

How to Scratchbuild a Boba Fett Costume- Using Cardboard!

Boba Fett costume using cardboard. Possibly cover with epoxy or polyfilla for durability? Jepha can be a bit hard on costumes/props

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How to make a boba fett helmet from scratch

Girl Boba Fett Costume

Steps to making a Girl Boba Fett costume. Helmet Shirt Belt(s) Boots Knee pads Shoulder pad Fashion dress gloves All items were purchased at Walmart unless.

Photo by KSImagery

Photo by Kevin Smith, KSImagery Model: Me Armor made by me Nara Kebiitra Armor 5

Boba Fett 1

So I& been scheming about building up the full Boba Fett costume for a long time. I actually started in earnest on it before Halloween.