Méthodologie de travail d'un graphiste, Iryna Nezhynska #Vert #Blanc #Noir

La méthodologie de travail d’un graphiste résumée en un dessin

Méthodologie de travail d'un graphiste, Iryna Nezhynska #Vert #Blanc #Noir


Desk Items Flat MockUpsThis is the second part of the flat mock-ups, a new collection of desk items to help you create great hero images for your projects. Like the previous freebie, this on

Make responsive email newsletters! #infographic

Newsletter, emailing : passez au responsive design


[Infographie] Médias Sociaux, les contenus doivent être pensés pour les terminaux mobiles !

This is why smart social marketers think mobile first! Mobile is more common than a desktop. I didn't really know that mobile was that much more popular then desktop. I really like the way that this info-graphic breaks down the mobile usage.

eD-MobileEmail-Infographic-gc.png (938×5084)

The infographic is titled, “Strong Signals: mobile email marketing is connecting with consumers”. According to the infographic, seventy-five per

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