Great idea for an art studio

Crafty finds for your inspiration! No.5

Amazing Summer Wall Murals: How to Trick Out Your Room?

Amazing Summer 2013 Wall Murals


How To Make Your Tiny Living Space Look (And Feel) Huge

Contrasting colors makes for a dramatic workspace.

11 Delightfully Unusual Color Combinations (Plus the Reasons Why They Work) (Apartment Therapy Main)

Geoffrey Johnson

where art is made through the eyes & hands of an artist Geoffrey Johnson - Interior Studio


Max & Emily's Stone Farmhouse with an Artistic History

Those places the light hits in your home that no one else notices...but that mesmerize and hold you still for a moment

he had always liked watching the sun move across the sky, creating strange light and shadow patterns on the walls

IMG_0931.JPG 1,000×1,005픽셀

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