Antonella cantori

Antonella cantori

Antonella cantori
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Sydney Lynch, Bracelets, Sterling, 18 and 22k gold, various stones

Sydney Lynch, Bracelets, Sterling, 18 and gold, various stones

Rose Gold Hidden Diamond Ring Absolutely in love with this ring.

Love this Rose Gold Hidden Diamond ring by Anna Sheffield. That's a hidden champagne diamond.

OLEA FIBULOSO mano sawed argento spilla spilla di martalugojewels

Delicately gorgeous FIBULOSO OLEA hand sawed sterling silver safety pin by Marta Lugo Jewels.


I especially like the symmetry on the necklace at the far right .Chico’s Leona Horn Necklace, Posy Tassel Necklaces and Leona Pendant Necklace. The perfect shimmery pendants for summer.


Thin chains, preferably made in various colors, can be mixed and create an elegant composition with this accessories. Combined with dress and shirts and bring a more feminine and delicate effect to the look.

HAND of fatima necklace - drop

This necklace is guaranteed to add a bit of "bite" to your jewelry repertoire. The pendant is just stunning! We used a real dark shark tooth dipped in gold. It's perfect for layering! It's edgy &