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Early September, 2004. Beslan Massacre also known as the Beslan school hostage crisis. Over 1100 people are held hostage including 777 children. Eventually over 380 people are killed.

December 30, 1903. Iroquois Theatre fire in Chicago kills 605 in the single deadliest single building fire in U.S. history.

November 28, 1942. The greatest nightclub fire in U.S. history takes place at the Cocoanut Grove club in Boston killing at least 492. » Blog Archive » Remembering Cocoanut Grove

May 28, 1977. Southgate, Kentucky. It was the third largest nightclub fire in U.S. history killing 165 and injuring over 200. The Swanky Club, a scant 2 miles from Cincinnati across the Ohio River was in full swing with the tragedy struck. Many serious violations conspired to ensure that the club was inadequately prepared for such a conflagration.

the Relevant Questions: The Three Little Pigs

November 1, 1970. The Club Cinq-Sept just outside the French town of Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, Isère became engulfed in flames due to what is considered to be a carelessly discarded match. 146 were killed, mostly under the age of 30.

March 18, 1996. Ozone Disco Club Fire, Quezon City, Philippines. More than 10 times the approved occupancy reveled and celebrated the new year. Poorly executed Pyrotechnics and inadequate exit management coupled with panicked patrons led to 162 deaths.

February 20, 2003. The Station, a club catering to glam rock hair casualties is engulfed in flames killing 100 people. It is the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in the U.S.

IJune 3, 1998. The Eschede train disaster was the world's deadliest high-speed train accident. near the village of Eschede in the Celle district of Lower Saxony, Germany. 101 dead and approx. 88 injured. A seemingly innocuous crack in one wheel causes a chain of events that lead to the train derailment.

Derailment at Eschede
  • Danielle Hansen
    Danielle Hansen

    I went to the memorial site for this accident when I visited Germany. Just being there and seeing the names of the people, families and children who died was very depressing.

July 17, 1981. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kansas City, USA. Faulty building design causes fourth story walkway to collapse killing 114 people most of whom were enjoying a tea dance competition on the lobby below. The other casualties were watching from the second to fourth floors.

January 18, 1977. At Granville, worst train disaster in Australian History. 83 deaths and over 201 injured.

Granville remembered - National -

December 4, 1957. two trains crashed at St Johns Railway Station just outside Lewisham, in south east London. 90 people were killed and nearly 200 more were injured.

London - Memoryshare - Lewisham train crash

December 24, 1953. The Tangiwai disaster which was the worst rail accident in New Zealand history. 151 killed.

Fifty-two years on from Tangiwai.

Rail Disaster at Harrow & Wealdstone 1952. Massive train collision killed 111 and injured 349.

Harrow and Wealdstone Disaster

December 6, 1917. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Fully loaded French Cargo Ship SS Mont Blanc explodes after running into Norwegian SS Imo. The detonation causes massive destruction and obliterates huge swaths of landscape and entire communities while causing a tsumami. 2,000 people were killed and scores more injured.

December 4, 1948. Rescue efforts after Chinese Passenger Steamship SS Kianga blew up possibly upon hitting a mine left over by the Imperial Japanese Navy. Death toll unknown although it is thought to be somewhere between 2,700 and 4,000.

December 20, 1987. MV Doña Paz passenger ferry. Collided with oil tanker killing perhaps 4,375. It is the worst ferry disaster in peacetime.

‘Costa Concordia’ and History’s Worst Shipwrecks (Photos)

December 2, 1998. Swissair Flight 111 left JFK international airport in NY heading for Geneva Switzerland. It crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 229 on board.

August 12, 1985. Japan Airline Flight 123. Domestic flight between Tokyo and Osaka. It crashed into two ridges of Mount Takamagahara in Ueno, Gunma Prefecture, 100 kilometers from Tokyo. The crash site was on Osutaka Ridge, near Mount Osutaka. There were 4 survivors out of a total of 524 passengers and crew.

World's deadliest air disasters

March 3, 1974. Turkish Airline Flight 981. It crashed into the Ermenonville Forest near Fontaine-Chaalis, Oise. The plane was broken up into millions of pieces--the most extensive disintegration of an airplane ever seen at a crash site. There were 346 people on board and only 40 of the bodies were able to be identified by sight—nine were never identified at all.

World's deadliest airline disaster took place on March 27, 1977, in Tenerife, a small island near the Canary Islands. 583 lives were lost due to a freakish series of events that conspired to create the carnage.

The Worst Airline Disaster in History: Tenerife

Fifty years ago, on December 16, 1960 at 10:33 a.m. EST, on a snowy, gray day in the skies between Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY two commercial airliners tragically collided, killing everyone on board, setting fire to ten apartment buildings, a church, a funeral home, and several businesses, and narrowly missing a nearby high school and secondary school.

Andean Soccer team turns cannibalistic after fateful crash---1972

<i>Stranded</i>: A Documentary That Makes You Glad to Be Alive