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40 Impressive Ambigram Logos for Inspiration

Did you ever hear the word Ambigram?Well,simply,ambigram is typographical form that a word can be read the same as from another viewpoint.

I cannot not mark this as a brilliant little piece. Lot's always to say for simplicity, but this is also a tricky combination of clever and understandable.

Distinctiveness I think this is a good logo because it's simple. It reflects distinctiveness because other logos would use a drop shadow to make there logos pop but this logo uses the drop shadow to make a second letter

I just discovered the work of Graphic Artist, Kapil Bhagat. Namely, he has a series of posters he created to honor male and female scientists. What I love about the posters is how they subtly descr...

Minimalist Typographic Posters of Scientist's Names, by Mumbai-based graphic designer Kapil Bhagat.