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Bauhaus Style Watch Botta #watches #minimal #bauhaus

Bauhaus Style Watch Botta #watches #minimal #bauhaus

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Botta Design UNO 24 Neo watches with display, single hour hand, modern design, and accessible price.

SOLUS one-hand watch | Botta Design

In 1986 Klaus Botta invented the first, modern One Hand Watch - UNO. To this day this original remains unmatched. Order it exclusively from our online shop

Botta Design UNO 24 NEO single-hand watch

The UNO 24 one-hand watch gives the wearer the chance to approach time in a completely new and far more conscious manner.

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The statement for a relaxed handling of time: already in 1986 designer Klaus Botta designed the first singe-hand watch of the modern age with the UNO