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Fibonacci sequence in our hand. Also, The ratio between the hand, forearm, and upper arm is also Fibonacci (the Golden Ratio or the Golden Mean). The human body is quite possibly the best example ever of fractals (sacred geometry). Aaron Demetz Scultore

workman: “ svdp: Phenomenal wood carvings by Italian sculptor Aaron Demetz . Part of an upcoming exhibition titled “Tainted” at the Gazelli Art House in London. Working in wood, Demetz uses this.

One of my fav photographers!! New additions to wonderland :)

Wonderland : The White Queen (by Kirsty Mitchell) Model - Ash models Hair and Make up - Elbie Van Eeden. Key, necklace, headdress and lace nails Kirsty Mitchell

17098170_377498359280363_8968517277129010048_n.jpg (944×763)

17098170_377498359280363_8968517277129010048_n.jpg (944×763)