H&M 2012 Fall Lookbook

Mark McNairy x Bodega - Olive Wool country brogue shoe | 490.00 - http://shop.bdgastore.com/products/x-bodega-olive-wool-country-brogue-shoe

A must have shoe style for men and young men around step it up women love love a well dressed gentleman. Mark McNairy x Bodega - Olive Wool country brogue shoe

Joseph Gordon Levitt | Flaunt Magazine... Great styling in the photo.

Joseph Gordon Levitt*- Wanted to put him in both the hunks and the fashion boards.but he's too much of a hunk.


the black in the vest helps cut the patterns. a white small check shirt + gray based, interesting plaid tie + window pane jacket + black sweater vest might be a variation.


Dave Franco Interview GQ April 2012 Issue

Dave Franco, brother of James, is equally hot and probably less smug. Check out his recent sexy shoot with GQ.

J. Crew - Linen herringbone suit vest

Oh that vest (J. Crew - Linen herringbone suit vest) You can trade the tie in for a bow tie though :)

This encompasses so many of my favorites. Palm Trees, the beach, sunny days, T-shirts.