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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth Shower Speaker Creatures (snails, octopus, & turtles) This is awesome! I want a shower snail! hehe :P Krissy

This Tiny Cardboard Battery Is Like A Vitamin For Your Smartphone | Co.Design | business + design

In a near future lugging around large smartphone battery chargers may be a thing of the past. Mini Power portable battery charger could be the solution tech technology

3D Solar Towers Could Generate 20x More Energy Than Flat Panels : TreeHugger

solar towers offer up to 20 times more power output than traditional flat solar panels. Two small-scale versions of three-dimensional photovoltaic arrays that were tested by MIT researchers (Photo: Allegra Boverman)

Best Video Converter For YouTubers - AskRam In this video you’ll learn How to reduce size of the videos and Convert to different formats easily, this very useful for video editors like you-tubers, Hand Brake it's a free and open source for all operating systems

In this video you’ll learn Best video converter for you-tubers How to reduce size of the videos and Convert to different formats easily, Hand Break is very p.

Super-Convenient USB Reader for Android... On board this $40 Sanwa USB reader is a plethora of slots, accommodating microSD, SD and miniSD cards, and it can even accommodate a mouse or a game pad. It works with a variety of Samsung, Sony and Toshiba Android devices.

Sansa USB Reader is a little device that connects to your Android phone via micro USB port and it allows you to connect any USB device directly to your Android smartphone. In addition to USB port, Sansa USB Reader also works as a memory card reader, so yo

31 Clever Tech Gifts You Might Want To Keep For Yourself

The Wallet Solar Charger holds your mobile phone upright while it charges so you can keep an eye on your notifications. Any phone can be connected to the USB or mini .

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12 Borderline Genius Gadgets You Need For Your Kitchen And Where You Can Buy Them. Saving for the number cake pan