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Photo from the linked page:  I like that house, the look of it, to small, but seems nice.  Editor's Response: Thanks
Free Peg Brick PowerPoint template is another original slide design with a bricks wall in the slide template and photos pinned with pegs in the slide design #peg #bricks #powerpoint #photos
Recycled Plastic Bottles Partially Filled with Colored Water Used to Create a Parking Canopy
Upcycled office wall dividers. source: Habitat for Humanity of Orange County ReStore, Facebook  [Upcycled] Office Wall Dividers: fish line and a whole lotta clear plastic bottles were strung together to create these modern and sculptural wall dividers. The vessels’ ridges also cleverly reflect light and color adding dimension and an imagined sense of privacy. Green nerds rule.
Ecological House using plastic bottle
plastic bottles as the walls/frame/bucket/barrel holder for plastic bag liners (dustbin)
Peter Lewis has created an innovative machine that can transform discarded plastic like bottles and bags into building blocks. The rock-hard bricks could be used for garden retaining landscaping walls or other interesting uses such as shock absorbers behind crash barriers.
one way of making a plastic bottle wall. don't think it's load bearing. bottles filled with more rubbish.