What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Average Americans. This is hilarious! Lol

What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Average Americans

Celebrities as Real People: Not a Pretty Picture Photo by: Planet Hiltron Beyonce and Jay-Z The ultimate celebrity power couple powers down. I'M DYING

after "I do"  oh my...t Trashiest wedding shot ever

after "I do".Amazing shot for the bedroom. I hope my future husband likes this ; Cool for a bedside pic!

If Grumpy Cat has to appear on some part of your body, the booty seems the most fitting. DIY Grumpy Cat Shorts.

How-To: DIY Grumpy Cat Shorts

Grumpy Cat Shorts - These DIY shorts from shima glanz shima glanz Harrington Create are genius.

This helmet really protects from neck injuries...

Best Quotes and Sayings about love, life, friends , happy , Wisdom . Inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings about everything in life.

Hello kitty airline

The same Hello Kitty Plane taken from the other side. Virtually every lady Enjoy hello kitty, so why don't you be with her permanently?

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