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Tel Aviv, Israel  ·  Positive branding is the fine details which connect between the company, the product and service and the values the customer appreciates.
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Laska Store: Resell shop but also local designers too, so quality stuff sold here.

"Laska Store" in Kiev makes sure to only sell quality items of every kind: food, clothing, pet toys.

TSEH transforms 14 shipping containers into a cozy and modern Kiev cafe

TSEH Arhitectural Group transformed 14 clunky shipping containers into Unit Cafe, a light-filled contemporary cafeteria and meeting space for the IT school 'Unit Factory' in Kiev, Ukraine.

YoDezeen Restores Fish Restaurant CATCH in Kiev

YoDezeen Restores Fish Restaurant CATCH in Kiev

GRANDEE, Kiev, 2014 - YUDIN Design

, Kiev, Ukrainefunction: Сafe-loungearea: realization Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudingraphic designer: Vladimir Yudinphoto: Dmitry Sandratsky Project Concept We wanted to create a form.

Corona Renderer

Corona Renderer

, Kiev, Ukrainefunction: Retailarea: realization Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin YUDIN Design photo: Sergey Savchenko Fresh & Go combines the functions of the two institutions.

butcher shop

Kiev, Ukrainefunction: butcher shoparea: 70 realization YOD Dеsign Labphoto: Andrey Avdeenko The butcher shop “Horns and Hoofs”, located in a central district of Kyiv, was conceived as a.