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Great list and description of lots of scripture mastery games. Games and activities for helping students, find, explain, apply, and memorize the scripture mastery verses.


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Scripture SWAT Team--Type refs. LARGE. Tape the references all over the room. Place two fly swatters at the front of the room on a table. Divide class into two S.W.A.T. teams. Call out a clue. When one person from each team finds the scripture, the teacher calls out SWAT then they run to the front of the room to get a swatter and slap the right reference on the wall winning a point for their team. Or the whole team finds the scripture and then designates one person to swat.


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2Hoops: Team members hold with 2 fingers, scriptures at feet. Two let go, bend down and finds scripture, then stand up and takes someone else's place while they find it. First team to all find scripture without dropping hoop wins the point.


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SM Pictionary -- put all the scripture mastery cards in a paper bag. The drawer picks out a card and reads the scripture and then depicts something from that scripture while their team guesses before time is up. If they don't guess correctly, the other team gets 1 guess. No numbers, words, letters, or gestures may be used...


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The Last Straw--The SM cards should be scattered on a table at the front of the class. Divide into two teams. The teacher gives the clue and a student from each team runs up and finds a card matching the clue. Then the student, using the straw only, sucks up the card and brings it to a table in front of their team. Once the team has the correct card on their table, then the whole team chases to turn there in their scriptures. 1 point for right card, 2 points for winning the team search.


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Put Scripture Mastery Card on the board and "squeeze" it using a variety of questions, cross-references, pictures, and quotes.


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NT daily scripture mastery activity sheets!! 108 of them! Great Idea for the first 9 weeks, just getting acquainted with each of the scripture masteries. You could include during that time, sheets that help students explain, apply, and memorize the verses too!


Activity Sheets Downloads | Scripture Mastery Made Fun! Old Testament Mad Gab Scripture Mastery Game

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{ Mormon Share } Scripture Scramble Puzzle


Scripture Scramble Puzzle

Super fun and easily adaptable scripture mastery football activity--There would be some definite prep work, but it would be awesome to challenge another class or two in the stake and see who dominates. Maybe just before Christmas Break and then re-match just before the end of the year??


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