Shipping Container Home Designs

A small, single-story addition to the row house adds a playroom without eating up too much outdoor space. A green roof also helps makes up for lost garden beds, while creating attractive, leafy views from the second and third floors. In summer, when the s


Low Cost House / JYA-RCHITECTS

Built by JYA-RCHITECTS in Jangheung-gun, South Korea with date Images by Hwang Hyochel. This was the second “Low Cost House Series” project, sponsored by Korea Child Fund to improve a living environment fo.

Shipping Container Plans - Want to build a cargo container home like this? Visit here for more info

Simple easy to Build Shipping Container Home Plans. If you have been searching the Internet trying to find the BEST Detailed easy Step by Step Plans to build your Dream Shipping Container Home it doesn't get any easier than these.

Sweet PDF on green roof + habitat wall solution for shipping containers.

Green Roof Shelters Ltd have just launched a great new product, reusing shipping containers and adding green credentials by the bucket-load. Also check out the green roof container village in Brigh.