Moonshine - Janis Goodman

tHE rIGHT pATH!Moonshine - Janis Goodman - amazing composition with the central foreshortened path really visually interesting perspective

rowing the moon

"If the sun does not light your way up, simply ask the moon.” ― Yannick Heywang Painting: Moonboat to Dreamland, Hugh Williams

La Luna

this reminds me of the italo calvino short story from cosmicomics where the characters would row out to sea, and use a ladder to climb to the moon to gather "moon milk". This story gave me that strangest dreams.

Luna: A Lantern That Looks Like the Moon

Taiwan-based Acorn Studio has created a series of full moon lamps, known as Luna, that brings an element of magic to interior design.

Illustration by Heath Robinson.

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by Maryam Tabatabei

swinging on the moon - really cute for a little girls room, would love to paint this for my little girl.

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