Baby animals galore.

We are born with such innocence that only fades as we grow to see the hardships of the world.

Adorable Little Baby Shiba Inu Puppy - Aww!

Good lord that’s adorable - the picture's caption is super. You can't help but laugh out loud!

Good Lord That’s Adorable

Here we see a baby wigglefloof cleaning its tiny squish beans. Pet language - the best!

I need to do this so the dog stops pushing her bowl across the room.  The flower is a nice touch but I'm pretty sure my cat would eat it.

UPCYCLED - Vintage Pepsi Crate Pet Feeder

Upcycled Vintage Pepsi Crate Pet Feeder by summerofseventy

Both are adorable! cat humor cats funny lolcats meme cute quotes =^..^=

sooo my cat! only the thing is, he loves the outdoors so the pet cat on the branch only a grey cat and not black is mine!

Crafty Wife! Crafty Life!: DIY Pet Feeding Station

DIY pet feeding station - includes a bowl on top for feeding the cat where the dogs can't reach!

True. I want substance, authenticity, precious. He wants shallow, fake, worthless.

I want substance, authenticity, precious. He wanted shallow, fake, worthless.

What People Food Dogs Can and Cannot Eat Infographic.really though no people food

bloodhound pup

A Ford tractor and a bloodhound pup

Hedgehog Care: for when I actually get one in the distant future

Hedgehog Care - TheHedgieDen - Nourrir un hérisson