Fotografando L'Incanto

Arte creata con l'infanzia Carrellata di visioni sul vissuto immaginifico dell'infanzia
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an art project made with children's paint and wooden legs on the floor in front of a black background
an abstract painting with the moon in the background
a woman sitting on the floor next to a person in a bunny mask and dress
Outdoor, Outdoor Decor, Outdoor Storage, Outdoor Furniture
two people dressed in costumes sit on the ground with their hands out to each other
three children sitting in chairs looking at an art work on a easel with their hands
a group of people walking down a street in the rain
three different images in a wooden frame with water and trees on the sides, one woman's face is reflected
an art exhibit with multiple pictures on the wall and one woman's body in orange hair
a woman in a red and black dress holds the hand of a young boy
a man is covered in paint while walking down the street with other people behind him
lo sparacolori nuovo progetto per il festival Gender Bender 2015!
a sculpture in the middle of a dimly lit room
PerAspera 2014
an empty room with a large window and some blankets on the floor in front of it
Spazio Gerra Reggio Emilia Foto di: Elena La Ganga
an art work is on display in the middle of a room
Spazio Gerra Reggio Emilia Foto di : Elena La Ganga