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Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Apollo and Daphne

  • Marla J.
    Marla J.


The Belvedere Apollo.

Japanese ink painting (sumi-e) of the founder of Zen Buddhism Bodhidarma/Daruma. I always enjoy the subtility of these ink paintings, especially the ones depicting Daruma. Somewhat rough and savage looking, not at all like Western images depicting their saints. The myth goes to say that he cut of his eyelids so he couldn't fall asleep durings his 7 years meditation in a cave.

Myth of Creation--Aristophanes' Speech, The Symposium, by Plato

Statue of the myth of Apollo and Daphne...Bernini, amazing, exquisite, the way Bernini sculpted Daphne's fingers becoming branches is so beautiful!

Brings back memories of a fantastic seminar with Dr. Silvia Montiglio, now at Princeton

My copy is falling apart...

Contest between Marsyas and Apollo

Andromeda, Perseus holding Gorgon head, Ceto

Ancient Greek & Roman Mosaic: Perseus & Andromeda

Theseus and Minotaur in the Labyrinth

Zeus and Ganymede

Ancient Greek & Roman Mosaic: Ganymede & the Eagle

Daphne, Apollo

Leda and Zeus as swan

Priapus weighing his phallus

Pan with his Syrinx

Ares, Aphrodite, Eros

Europa, Zeus

Ancient Roman Fresco Pompeii: Europa & the Bull

Aprhodite, Eros, Pan



  • Katelyn Shreiner
    Katelyn Shreiner

    @Grace Pierce

Maenad with thyrsus