Bone Dog Tag - Stainless steel - Customized Pet ID Tag - Name Tags - Personalized Pet ID Tags - keep calm, call my mom, i will lick you

Real predators who eat animals do it as part of the cycle of life and is beneficial to the planet as a whole. When carnivorous-wannabe humans do it, it is for gluttonous purposes and we are destructive and go against nature.

ENOUGH SUFFERING! DEMAND TOUGHER PENALTIES FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY HERE! There is abundant evidence that there is a NATIONWIDE CRISIS involving intentional acts of BRUTAL VIOLENCE AND CRUELTY against companion animals. EGREGIOUSLY the vast majority of offenders do not receive adequate punishment. SUPPORT a proposed federal law that imposes a MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCE for intentional acts of cruelty and violence against companion animals. HELP GET TOUGH ON ANIMAL ABUSE! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE…

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