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How to make...a collection of the basic medicine making guides...simple and practical instruction on how to create a variety of herbal preparations along with advice on ingredients and basic recipes. From Whispering Earth blog.

How To Make… | Whispering Earth

40+ FRUIT and/or HERB Infused Water recipe ideas. Yummy and healthy!

dandelions infusing in oil

Dandelion Salve Recipe

Homemade Flea Powder from Primally Inspired (works on ticks and other bugs, too!)

Homemade Flea Powder - Primally Inspired

Kadha Recipe – Herbal Relief for Colds and Coughs

Kadha Recipe – Herbal Relief for Colds and Coughs

Make your own herbal ibuprofen with this easy to follow recipe.

An All-Natural Alternative to Ibuprofen :: Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Capsules

3 Ancient Plants that Changed the Course of History - Grow - Herb Companion

3 Ancient Plants that Changed the Course of History

What is Bouqet Garni

What is Bouquet Garni?

Healthy fermentation: wild soda loaded with Vitamin C for a private event this weekend. Nettles, Forest grass, a few autumn leaves, local clover honey, lemons and wild yeast from Juniper berries. It already taste amazing. www.urbanoutdoors...

How to make medicinal salve using herb infused oils...

How to Make a Salve with Infused Oils - Common Sense Homesteading

Several reasons why Herbs Don's Always Work

Why Herbs Don't Always Work - Homestead Lady

DIY Black Drawing Salve Recipe - Natural Home Remedy for Poisons, Boils, Acne, Insect Bites, Bee Stings, Splinters and Infections

Natural Homemade Black Drawing Salve Recipe

Thieves Vinegar

Thieves Vinegar - Immune Booster & Germ Killer

Printable Herb Info Page for Your Materia Medica {Herbal Notebook} -Posted on FEBRUARY 11, 2014

A common mistake often made is to think that the cold and flu are caused by bacteria, however both of these infections are actually caused by viruses. This is why when you go to the doctors for the...

How Do Herbal Antivirals Work?

✯ How to Make Clove Oil: Before prescription pain killers were available, clove oil was used as a dental remedy to soothe and numb the gums when they were inflamed. ✯

How to Make Clove Oil

The $12 Tincture Press

Practical Primitive | Skill of the Month: Happy Rocks

While pharmaceutical treatment of high blood pressure focuses on the symptoms, herbal remedies for high blood pressure provide a tonic to support the body and increase the efficiency of the heart and blood circulation.

Herbs for high blood pressue -- Joybilee Farm

Valerian Mint Cordial: The Perfect Herbal Nightcap

Valerian Mint Cordial: The Perfect Herbal Nightcap

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been focusing on nutrition for kids… specifically on how to improve their diets through food and sometimes with the help of supplements. When it comes to supplements… multi-vitamins in particular… a lot of natural mamas are split on whether to give their kiddos a daily vitamin or to skip it …

6 Supplements To Prepare Children For Cold And Flu Season | | Cold and flu season is coming. Prepare your kids immune systems with these 6 must-have supplements.

plantain and violet leaf herbal salve

How to Make a Skin-Nourishing Herbal Salve

How to Harvest Medicinal Roots: Dandelion & Valerian - Homespun Seasonal Living

Making herbades with mints, lemon balm and borage

An Herbal December: Suggestions on how to use herbs & spices on each day for the month of December - fun :)

The Essential Herbal Blog: An Herbal December