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How to Build a Dehydrator

Building a sun-powered food dehydrator is a great alternative to an electric dehydrator. You can make your own delicious dried fruits, vegetables and herbs!


Make a potato pot by cutting out the sides of a plant pot and putting it inside another one - this makes it easier to lift the plants out for harvesting!


Root-cellaring is a saving technique for ordinary winter storage of fresh, raw, whole vegetables and fruits that have not been processed to increase their keeping quality. The root cellar is a way to hold these foods for several months after their normal harvest in a cold, rather moist environment that does not allow them to freeze or to complete their natural cycle to decomposition in the fall.

Root Cellars 101- Root Cellar Design, Use and Mistakes to Avoid

Raíz Bodegas 101: El Camino Bajo Costo para almacenar más de 30 frutas y verduras sin electricidad. ¿Cómo diseñar un sótano? ¿Qué puedo almacenar en un sótano?

Root Cellars: Store Fresh Food with no Electricity

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