I want this perspective, with bougainvilleas and the likes. LOL. Floral and girly.

This picture is nice because of the yellow flowers in the background. I really like how vibrant they are and would use this colour throughout my magazine.

I'll wander barefoot.

(Open RP) I walked on the log, barefoot. I had always loved the forest. My parents used to take me in forests and meadows when I was very young before they were killed. I lose my balance and trip as I hear them.

No matter where you go, there will always be someone there with you. Even in the darkest times. You may not see them.. but when you reach the light again you will realize they were there the whole time.

When you realize every stressful moment that you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind. -Byron Katie - Cute photo idea for a Summer inspired photo book

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Need to remember to take a selfie like this the next time I'm at the beach!

Selfie Beauty Tricks: How to Take the Perfect Summer Selfie - If you want to show off your gorgeous selfies, either from home or your holiday destination, try a few tricks that will take them to the next level this summer.

Outdoor Instagrams by Zach Allia #inspiration #photography

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Zach Allia is a talented self taught photographer, traveler and software developer, who spend his twenties behind a computer in Silicon Valley.

Runaway maiden

The dress Is o. but i love the photo idea. I would like to see both the bride and groom running thru the forest together with smiles and love in there eyes. ( in this particular pic it looks like the bride got cold feet and is running from the wedding)

I was promised satisfaction, acceptance and a way to control the pounds on the scale. LIES. All I found was isolation and shame. I was plagued with the fear of gaining weight, suffocated by the need to look a certain way

Party idea - get magazine covers of celebs and have them in front if peoples faces and have a really funky backdrop and have people do fun little poses as well

i dream of a house with a big backyard, maybe even some land, and a big oak tree that i can sit in to wonder my mind away

Senior picture ideas for girls in nature. Nature senior pictures and poses in the woods. Nature senior portrait idea for girls. Senior portrait idea for girls in the trees. Nature senior portrait pose for girls.

Eleni running around in the forrest, looking for the dragon Alexandra among the treetops.

I am dying to take photos of you (in Cades Cove) and take beautiful modeling portraits in the woods! I can't wait until it gets warmer, I have so many ideas for you