OMG, Such a touching photo!

"Once you've had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished." Dean Koontz So very true. Life without my dog has been so very different. She can never be replaced, but I think I’m ready for to open my heart and share the love again.

White kitty.... WOW!

White leopard , this is the most beautiful big cat ( or any other creature in nature ) beautiful but deadly ✔️


Ladybug on flower. Earlier I mentioned my nerves were going crazy and the visual was a lady bug. Things are improving so here is one lady bug to celebrate.

baby sheep -too cute!

Blacknose lamb or Valais Blacknose is an old breed of domesticated sheep found in the Valais region of Switzerland. ITS SO CUTE I want one for

Jellyfish are without brains, central nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system or eyes (though some do have light sensitive cells) and have been around for 500 million years.

The thing I love about jellyfish is that they remind me of both the beginning and end of time. “Rising Jellyfish” by Josef Gelernter :)

Guy tempting fate with a polar bear

Top 10 Wired Arctic Photos, Decided by You

Polar bear staring contest, Churchill Manitoba This is on my bucket list.

Ladybug in dew.

raindrops on roses and dew drops on ladybugs. / ladybug and the morning dew

Animals Illuminated by Sunset (Photo Gallery)

Because sometimes you just need a dancing frog to make you smile ; Remember the dancing frog in the Looney Tunes cartoons?

Gypsy Cob!

Gypsy vanner, Cluain Na Ri, very rare silver black appaloosa! So beautiful.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog-- loveeee it

Polar bears

Free inside your Mail... Stunning posters from The Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet photography: polar bears in Svalbard, in the Arctic (Condé Nast Traveller)

Fire Flies

theres something so lovely about a mason jar! this pic looks like fireflies. someone tell me where to find fireflies, being a northwestern I havent ever seen them. Its on my bucket list. to see fireflies. and catch em.

Water Lily

It's springtime and where it was once cold, the flowers are beginning to bloom. Here are 40 beautiful flower pictures to inspire you to grab your camera and find a few. In case you missed it, check out our other flower photography post.