Butterfly and Flower Tattoo- need to fix my sad butterfly and flower from tattoo depot

15 Latest 3D Butterfly Tattoo Designs You May Love

Lilies & Butterflies Back Tattoo -- Words cannot describe how beautiful this is. I would probably change the flower, maybe hibiscus or columbines, not a fan of lilies.

#Dream #tattoo #inked @Christa Vickers Vickers Rousseau i can see you with something like this!

Love the dream catcher idea. too bad everyone has dream catchers :( I had to make a rule. no dream catchers, stars, hearts, anchors, or feathers since everyone has them.

Leg tattoo for fashion girls.Design tattoo for girls  #tattoo #leg #girls www.loveitsomuch.com

60 Incredible Leg Tattoos

Love idea of the dream catcher & thigh. If it were placed on side of hip & only to mid-thigh if like it more it gives me ideas

Dream Catcher Tattoo. Love since the only place I get to be with my Dad now is in my dreams <3

Nicely detailed traditional Dream Catcher tattoo might get on the wrist in white ink

Chanel Bellyring & Dreamcatcher tattoo <3

I never thought I liked the whole dream catcher thing, but I think I've been deceiving myself. The more I look at the dream catcher tattoos, the more I fall in love.