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Classroom Ideas

Classroom Ideas

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Phone app spinner for the classroom!

Free app….Let students read a passage and record themselves reading. Review the reading with the student...They can reread as many times as you want them to in order to gain greater fluency!! Students improve when they can hear their own reading, evaluate it, and make a plan to improve!

App Shopper: Recording Lite (Utilities)

Bloom's Taxonomy overlapping Costa's Levels of Questioning.

Students don't ask me for pencils anymore. No one leaves the room until all pencils are back on the board. (Photo only, but would be easy to make!)

Too Noisy app for classroom management. Wish I had a smart board!

Second Grade Nest: Classroom Inspiration

All 41 School House Rocks CLIPS for the Classroom

Google Classroom...I'm in love!

Socratic Seminar preparation idea -- BRAWL -- Battle Royal All Will Learn -- This was done with Middle and High School students. Will try and figure out how to use the same format with Primary and Intermediate students.

Let's BRAWL: Throwing Socratic Seminars out of the ring

15 Quick and Creative Ways to Group and Partner Students | some great ideas for the younger grades!

Fabric covered notebook clips... could so use my old fabric swatches to do this!!

[dandee]: Projects

I like this assessment technique. "Ticket out the door" for recess or the end of the day is to write the answer to a problem/question on a sticky and put it on their number. Helps get an idea of who understood and who didn't. :)

FREE! Ticket Out the Door Sign Topper

Cool first day idea Have students think of the adjectives!

Middle School Bulletin Board made of paint samples. (Each student could write their name on a block..or a famous quotation on the whole sample...lots of ideas!) (picture only)

Study tips

16 Simple Studying Hacks To Help You Ace Your Next Exam

Teaching Teens in the 21st

Teaching Teens in the 21st: Before the School Year Begins...

What is the Question?

Just Kidding - a book about teasing and then saying you're kidding. Good for theme and perspective.

Terri's Teaching Treasures: New Books

Must Do / May Do Board: perfect to use for students during centers (could set up by subject, daily, or weekly) love that students can always refer back to the things they "must do" first!

Bloom's Critical Thinking Cue Questions: commoncoreinstitu...


The Scoop on Groups- Great ideas for grouping students! Not just popsicle sticks!

I Love 2 Teach: The Scoop on Groups

"I got the adhesive whiteboard roll from Amazon, stuck it to the table, sealed the sides with a little duct tape, and viola!" .....Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-to-keep' literacy tools other fun teaching stuff :)

Really cute idea

I love this but not for a wedding...have the parent write the address at Open House and then send a positive note home for each student at some point during the year.

Surviving and Thriving: Teaching Middle School Social Studies

Surviving and Thriving: Teaching Middle School Social Studies