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Bike trailer article from Make.

Backpack frame bike trailer - Appropedia: The sustainability wiki

Bike cargo trailer from OSU... put through the tests!

Bike cargo trailer from OSU. put through the tests!

Bike trailer from a baby jogger.

Baby jogger bike trailer - Appropedia: The sustainability wiki

Sortable devices.

Portal:Medical Devices - Appropedia: The sustainability wiki

A hysterical how to video for making thermal curtains.

A very funny and mostly accurate how to video on thermal curtains. Thermal curtains are a low cost method of reducing your heating bill by increasing the R V.

solar parabolic cooker made from waste tin can lids, inner tubes, and invasive blackberry brambles.

The objective of this project is to create a solar cooker out of local invasive species and waste materials. We want to create a device that can pasteurize water and be an alternative to the use of fossil fuels for cooking food.

Amazing rainwater catchment calculator!

Your one-stop aid for commercial and residential rainwater collection systems.