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Tactile Treasure

Wool Roving

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Posies Wool

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Woolie Works

Felted wool, a smattering of buttons, and a touch of wool roving combine to make a tactile treasure.

Posies Wool Table Mat

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30 S Quilt

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Charts Patterns

Combine machine appliqué and machine piecing to produce this lively quilt featuring 1930s reproduction prints.

Pinwheel Flurry

Inspired Embroidered

Embroidered Wool

Perfect Stitch

Wool Mat

Crochet Patterns

Quilt Patterns

I Love Quilts

Spring Quilts

Terrific Table

For a project on the go, take along this folk art-inspired embroidered wool mat. It makes a perfect stitch sampler, too.

Dutch Blooms

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Combine bright yellows and pretty florals for a cheerful springtime wall hanging. Solid white block backgrounds let the baskets shine.

Happy Baskets

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Easy Appliqué

Quilts Forever


An easy appliqué method makes the leaves on this kid-friendly quilt spring to life in no time—we promise!

Little Sprouts

Лоскуты Quilts

Quilt 4

Endless Squares

Classic Endless

Colour 0F


Whimsical Floral

Crochet Patterns

Quilt Patterns

For a fresh take on the classic Endless Squares block, use whimsical floral fabrics in pink and mint, and frame the quilt center with a large-scale floral.

Flower Crossing

Quilting Spring

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Quilt Ideas

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Make a pretty spring quilt using pastel and floral fabrics. Fussy-cut sashing squares add a seasonal accent.

Pastel Party

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Choose a garden-inspired palette of greens, blues, yellows, pinks, and oranges, along with a floral incorporating all those colors, for a springtime masterpiece.

Flower Power

Simple Pinwheel

Pinwheel Blocks

Quilted Blocks

Table Time

Table Topper'S

Quilting 7

Scrappy Quilts

Star Quilts

Crafts Head

A simple Pinwheel block is quite a star when it’s surrounded by multiple borders—pieced and plain.

Sunny All Around

Quilting S Photo

Patchwork Quilting S

Marge S Quilting

Applies Quilting

Quilting Sewing

Place Applique

30S Applique

Applique Quilts Ideas

Combo Applique

A soft, buttery yellow teamed with solid white in this bed-size quilt provides the perfect background for the bright '30s print appliqués.

Budding Beauty

Total Assorted

Assorted Yellow

Yards Total

8 Yards

Border 3

Floral Border

Crochet Patterns

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Quilt Patterns

Fall in love with easy-to-piece coral pinwheels. Careful fabric placement and selective quilting allow these subtle spinners to emerge at block intersections.

Pinwheel Romance

Lovely Patterns

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Quilting Patterns

Chain Alternate

Alternate Floral

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20 Classic


Floral prints put a fresh spin on a classic Irish Chain. Alternate floral Irish Chain blocks with tone-on-tone print star blocks to create a sense of movement.

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Embellish a pair of pillows with basic hand-embroidery stitches.

2 Wishes

Spring Allpeoplequilt

Combines Patchwork

Wool Quilts

Applies Quilts

Quote Celebrating

Stitched Quote

Pillow Combines

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Easy Pillows

This pillow combines patchwork pieces and hand embroidery with a stitched quote celebrating the season.

Crazy for Spring

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Happy Allpeoplequilt

Fast fusible appliqués stitched atop foundation strips make this buzz-worthy quilt cute as can “bee.”

Bee Happy

Quilters Garden

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Quilter S

Applied Quilts

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Patchwork Quilting

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Frame a fussy-cut fabric piece with a flower appliqué border and Log Cabin blocks. Pinks, oranges, and greens make for a fresh and bright wall hanging.

Quilter's Garden

Sew N Quilt Tabletoppers

Quilting Apply

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Custom Quilting

Things Quilting

Patch Quilt

A long-time decorating favorite, the paisley pattern is back with updated flair. Show off hand or machine quilting once the simple piecing and appliqué are done.

Paisley to Please

Quilting And Quilts

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Bed Quilts

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Quilty Stuff

Embellish spinning pastel Pinwheel blocks with sweet details—rickrack, buttons, and just a touch of fusible appliqué.

Sweet Tweet

Quilting Thots

Tilkkutöitä Quilting

Crafts Quilting

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Patches Allpeoplequilt

Projects Allpeoplequilt

Hanging Wide

A scrappy assortment of green, red, and pink florals blooms across this wall hanging. Wide sashing and Four-Patches show off both large and small prints.

Flower Patches

Sewing Quilting Ideas

Quilting Craft

Scrappy Quilting

Scrappy 36

Sewing Ideas

Quilting Wallhanging

Quilting Thots

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Quilting Digest

Fall in love with this wall hanging featuring pretty pastels and romantic florals. Scrappy 36-Patch blocks and strategic sashing jump off a cream quilt center.

A Scrappy Romance

Quilts Oh Baby

Baby Children S Quilts

Quilts Baby

Quilts Quilts Quilts

Patchwork Quilting

Quilt Toys

Quilting Ju

Spring Quilting

Sewing Quilting Ideas

Hop to it! Learn an easy spray-starch method to appliqué a cute critter on an egg-shape foundation.

Bunny Patch

Appilique Quilts

Quilts Live

Patterns Content

Pillow Trends

Content Allpeoplequilt

Allpeoplequilt Com

Felted Wool

Wool Felt

Wool 3

Wool, cotton, and vintage buttons come together quickly as framed wall art with this basket of everlasting blooms.

Picture It Lovely

Quilting Bunny

Quilting Idea S

Things Quilting

Quilting Sewing

Quilty Things

Rickrack Adds

Baby Rickrack

Wall Patterns

Free Patterns

Baby rickrack adds playfulness and dimension to this cute, seasonal wall hanging.

Wild Hare |

Knitting Quilting

Embroidery Quilting

Quilting Sewing Projects

Free Quilting

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Quilt Blocks Quilts

Quilts Afghans

Fun Quilts

Quilts Baby

Sashing units become the star of this wall hanging. Four Square-in-a-Square blocks provide the perfect foil for the five stars formed by the sashing.

Striking Stars |

Quilting Scrappy Patterns

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Patchwork Quilts

Fussy-cut floral designs to add pizzazz to large Nine-Patch blocks.

Floral Double Nine-Patch Quilt