Teachers- extend your summer relaxation mode into September with this “stress-free” beginning of the school year resource. Absolutely no teacher prep needed- just print and distribute! This interactive flip book contains 21 pages of Guided Notes and Practice Problems, along with answer keys, for the following concepts: -Vocabulary -Variables & Expressions -Order of Operations -Properties of Numbers -Distributive Property & Like Terms -Equations -Word Problems -Mixed Review ($)

The First Days of Algebra Interactive Flip Book

The First Days of Algebra: Interactive Flip Book Teachers- extend your summer relaxation mode into September with this “stress-free” beginning of .

Help your students learn the Order of Operations with these math centers for $5.50. This set is jam packed with 2 centers (one with exponents and one without). Each center has 20 game cards, a game board, a poster for the Order of Operations, answer key, answer sheet, and a 2 page worksheet that could be used for assessment, morning work, or homework.

Order of Operations Math Centers

This is a fun math center to practice the Order of Operations. This purchase includes two sets of math centers. The first set does not include any exponents.

Order of Operations GEMS Poster FREEBIE

After seeing a ton of anchor charts with the GEMS acronym instead of the PEMDAS acronym, I needed to make a student-sized copy to put in my students' math

order of operations smartboard game

Use the Smartboard to practice solving math problems involving the order of operations. The order of operations are the rules of which calculation comes first

Order of Operation Bowling

Order of Operation Bowling

So excited to make this for the middle school math night! Great way to practice the order of operations! Order of Operations Bowling!

FREE MATH LESSON - “5.OA.1 Order of Operations Notes” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. 5th Grade #FreeLesson #Math http://www.thebestofteacherentrepreneurs.net/2014/09/free-math-lesson-5oa1-order-of.html

I've noticed over the years that students tend to have a difficult time keeping detailed, organized notes for math.

STEM-ersion -- Order of Operations -- General Manager

Mathlete - Order of Operations - Baseball - OPS

STEM-ersion assignments aim to immerse students in an authentic application within a career. Students often ask what careers will use certain math skills and I