OMG this is hilarious!!!

cheating, level: expert oh, he's good! LOL that's hilarious & so would have been me in high school had i been that smart ;

Are you childish?

Are you childish? Love this answer. Always stay young at heart.


I have selective OCD. My car has been taken over by crumbs, but if my stapler is moved a quarter of an inch on my desk, I will find you.and I will kill you.


The evilest thing ever done…

I would put this in my house just so I can watch people fall down the stairs all the time. And so people can watch me fall down the stairs lol


that is my purse's seat! i hate putting it in the back seat and refuse to put it on the floor.So true !


Apparently I'm a bitch cause I call people out on their shit. Don't do shitty stuff and I won't call you out

Ha! That's funny!

I tried my best to see things from your point of view, but your point of view is stupid. Lol, so me.

It's true.

It doesn’t work for me…

Sometimes I think "Screw this.I'll just be a stripper!" Then I remember I'm fat and can't dance. -Story of my life.