Kids doing chores. Kids had work to do around the house, some got paid an allowance, some basically had to do it as part of staying alive and fed (lol). But, it taught us responsibility (you can't go until you cut the grass), how to do a job right (you did half the job, go back out and do it again until you get it right), and trained us for when we got our own place to live. Kids today need some chores.

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Family Command Center Details: Each child has a section to display special artwork, Kids communication binder: allowance, permission slips, notes, chore charts, Home Communication Binder: Receipts, cupons and notes, Tiny Buckets: spare change and small collectables, Bags: hung below each name essential for a grab and go day. Daily Clipboards: whatever I need to do/deliver/mail for the day will be ready to go!

Family Organization Center

Piggy Banks to Paychecks tackles the subject of money head-on in an easy-to-understand, friendly format. If you are a parent, grandparent, or teacher, or are otherwise involved in helping kids learn financial basics, this book is for you. In its pages, you'll find straightforward answers on saving, spending wisely, investing, and donating. You will find help in setting up an allowance plan for kids along with various methods of tracking savings and evaluating purchases.

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To teach his children how to think properly about money, he gave each of them three jars. Whenever they received an allowance, or money from doing chores, or a gift of money, they had to divide it into thirds: One part to spend, one part to save, and one part to give to others. Simple but so rewarding in many ways ♥

My Better World Savings Bank: The Three Jars

Wow, that is a pretty good idea. Kinda takes care of allowance plus gets good behavior in one fell swoop. Some things I might cut out and/or add but great idea for down the road!

V and Co.: so you want to know about the token system...

A giving box. Kids take money from their allowance and put it in the giving box, when toys for tots or some other philanthropic venture comes along, money is there to purchase toys and give.

Family Giving Box - Families with Purpose

Allowance Idea - If the kid does his/her chores then they get to make a deposit and my husband will match it

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Chore cards to use to calculate allowance or just be sure the chores are getting done.

Miss Poppins: Chore Ideas

Wee Laddie wants an allowance (plus all the back allowance I owe him from when he got it before...ha!). Maybe this'll help me figure out how he can earn some. It's a list of age-appropriate chores.

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Keeping control of snacking. Love, love, love this idea to give the kids a snack allowance and then have them cash in for their snacks.

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Using poker chips for your kids to earn and then cash in for allowance. Neat idea.

Controlling My Chaos: Flexible Chore Charts

GREAT article debating if a childs allowance should be tied to chores.

Should Allowances Be Tied to Chores?

iallowance - my favorite new app ... tracks chores/responsibilities, rewards, allowance, spending - just awesome!

iAllowance (Allowances, Chores & Rewards w/Sync)

Child Slave Labor VS Allowance? Teaching our kids value of work...

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Chores, Yes. Allowance, Maybe: Teaching Kids About Work and Money (as featured in Daily Finance)

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Considering giving your teen an allowance? Here are tips from

Allowance for Teens

Excellent collection of ideas for teaching kids about money - from chores to allowance to saving.

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Cute way to teach kids about money/allowance/balancing a bank account.

Ducks in a Row: Allowance - MacDougall Family Style

Commission vs. Allowance. An interesting concept to consider.

Commission vs Allowance ~

Chore & Allowance idea from Less Cake More Frosting

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Share, Save, Spend allowance log for kids

Share, Save, Spend

Allowance 101: A Parent’s Guide to Giving Kids Allowance piggy bank – Peace In Your Home

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Why Kids should have an Allowance

Tips on giving an allowance

Feeding my daughter's piggy bank: Tips on giving an allowance - Chatelaine

great idea for Kids allowance...

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