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Ankle tattoos are feminine in nature and are just right tattoo option for girls and women who seek attention. Pictures of Ankle tattoo designs. - Part 6

Angel Devil Tattoos for Women I like it....

Angel Devil Tattoos for Women I like it.except I hate hearts. But the angel/devil symbol is something I have considered for a tattoo before.

Small Wrist Tattoos...LOVE this! Want to incorporate "Faith" into it somewhere.

Small Wrist Tattoos

Frog Tattoos Guide

While being a reflection of one’s principles, beliefs and attitude towards life, tattoos are also fun, and evoke happiness. So here are some fun frog tattoos for you!

this would work with a daisy instead for my grandma Daisy and a third frog since I have three sons

I would love this with a frog for the 3 boys. For some reason I have always wanted frog tats for them.

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Frog Tattoos - The Top 25 Frog Tattoo Designs From Around The World!