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Spring Horse-Training Tips

Before you bring your horse back to training after a long winter break, think of your horse's safety and health first. At the same time, you want to keep spring horse-training fun. Try these horse-training exercise secrets to get your horse back into top form this spring. Visit for additional horse riding, training, showing, health and breeding articles.
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Trailering your American Quarter Horse can be stressful for both you and your horse! Increase your chances of a stress-free trip with these training tips for backing a horse out of a trailer.

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Lynn Palm on teaching your horse to stop and stand correctly, and to stand still for mounting.

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Success in the show pen could be just one AQHA educational judging seminar away, so pack your judging notepad and register for an upcoming seminar this spring.

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Horse Training: No-Go Mounting. Tips to keep your horse standing still while you get on.


AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse encompasses six classes: ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch reining, ranch conformation, ranch cutting and ranch cow work

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Learn the difference between riding a square turn and a curve.

Bending Your Horse Correctly on Curves and Squares, Part 1

Before competing in an AQHA Trail Challenge, utilize this horse-training advice to establish a partnership on the ground with your horse.

Horse Training for a Challenge, Part 1

Training Tips for Developing an Elastic "Trampoline" Back, Part 2: A horse with a locked back will feel as if his back is a board, stiff and unyielding, with no swing, no energy moving through. Jean Abernethy illustration

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Horse Training to Develop an Elastic "Trampoline" Back, Part 1: When a horse moves freely from the back to the front he engages his abdominal core muscles and lifts his back. The rider feels an elastic bounce, like bouncing on a trampoline. Jean Abernethy illustration

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Spring Horse-Training Tip: Ponying horses can be a great training opportunity. For other horse-training ideas, check out

The Power of Ponying – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Remember that transition work helps with accuracy. Check out for other horse-training tips and tricks.

Sharpen Your Patterns – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Hone your simple lead changes. And the learning doesn't have to stop there. Check out for more horse-training help!

Simple Lead Changes – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Use a serpentine to practice lengthening and shortening your horse's stride.

Striding Right – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Learn how to establish rhythm and determine your horse's pace. And don't let the learning stop there! Check out for more helpful horse information.

Pace and Rhythm – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Get correct lope departures with minimal cues.

Good Lope Departures – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Take time to take a break. And while you're at it, check out the rest of for more great horse-training tips.

Reward With Rest – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Don't rush building collection. For other horse-related tips and tricks, check out

Calling for Collection – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Try a reverse-arc turn to increase flexibility. Visit for other horse-related tips and tricks.

Horse Training During Warm-Ups – America’s Horse Daily

Spring Horse-Training Tip: Allow your horse to stretch his topline during warm-up. Check out America's Horse Daily for more horse-training tips.

Stretch That Topline – America’s Horse Daily