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Synoptic weather symbols

Learn about and revise weather systems and fronts, synoptic charts, isobars, depressions and anticyclones with BBC Bitesize GCSE Geography.

Activities For Kids - September - Colouring In

These colouring in activities for kids are a perfect way to teach them all about the weather in September.

Calendar Kit - Blue and Teal Decor

Calendar Kit includes calendar days, holidays, month names, days of the week, monthly headings for calendar and weather chart.

Weather Classroom Calendar Pre-K and Kindergarten

Weather Classroom Calendar Pre-K and Kindergarten.have a velcro strip running vertically next to pics, kids take turns ea day attaching "today" card and "tomorrow's prediction" card

Weather Symbols Poster. Clearly illustrated chart with definitions to aid…

Clearly illustrated chart with definitions to aid identification and understanding of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK and for comparison with other world locations. We need one of these for School Gardens in the USA.

Look at this Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart on #zulily…

This heavy-duty, vinyl calendar and weather pocket chart will make teaching your students about the calendar and weather a breeze. Plus, it makes a colourful classroom calendar as well.