Tragedy has its own beauty

Cz tragedy is heartbreakingly beautiful. And every tragedy has a new story to tell and a new heart to break.
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Denny- "Now here's the good part, so you listen close. What I choose is you. You're who I want to wake up with and go to bed with and do everything in between with. I get a choice now. I get to choose. I choose you, Izzie Stevens."

I always cry when I watch this love scene ever Michael: if you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just... Julianne: Passes you by. Michael: Passes you by. Yeah. - MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING

The Passion of the Christ. This movie.. this movie just always seems to put things, everything into perspective. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all that You did for us. Your Love, You are breath-taking and astounding and awesome and everything!

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