Texture The first thing that i enjoyed about this piece was the uniformity in the shape of the vase. I also like how the strokes that she is adding for the design will completely cover the vase and look so natural

::drawing tool - mark making by kyra bermejo

::drawing tool - mark making by kyra bermejo.Have students make their own unique drawing tool and use ink for Abstract Art!

want to use this texture

-Embossed Clay Bowls Lisa Stevens The shells and patterns in this clay piece links to the rest of the abstract pottery I have found. When looking for these, I have seen that it mostly links to the sea and this especially symbolizes it

texture tools and sample

DIY texture tools and samples. Handles in picture are made of polymer clay, but could use unfired clay, a rubber band, wax, etc.

Love the texture

Jeff Brown - ceramics stoneware tumbler turquoise and shino glaze. Love the colour

polymer clay

Rebecca Watkins: Deep parallel lines from a long bolt. A long piece of threaded stock would be good for wide slabs.