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lights, lights, lights!

String Lights In The Bedroom

Bedroom String Light Ideas bedroom decor bed diy lighting interior design diy ideas easy diy decorations string lights home decorating

Snack guide

College Snacking 101 These are all my go to snacks during the semester. Of course these are also great for at home, at work, or any other time, they’re mostly things that have helped me for the different situations that pop up while at colleg

College Dorm Checklist

From high school to college! Campus essentials dorm life, college life, Tips for what to bring to your dorm room this fall!

@ Donna Reese Just what Kayla needs next year.  Cool mini fridge/paper towel holder/food storage station for college dorm

For food storage and saving space. Cool mini fridge/paper towel holder/food storage station for college dorm

Healthy eating in college- add salad dressing to that and it may be remotely accurate

SPEND MONEY ON YOUR HEALTH-College Girls Grocery Guide - make that the single girl's grocery guide (Yep this is pretty much my grocery list every week)

Reading/Homework in bed - this is fantastic.

Don't want to read on your desk and that's fine. The massage bed rest enables you to read comfortably on your bed, with a good arm rest, cup holder etc. Protect your neck when you read in bed, the massaging bed rest, you have nothing to worry about.

"Im only repinning this because its ridiculous! What college girl could afford this? Thats like 3-5 meals in one!"-can I just say that each meal time has several different options, no one would eat all of that for one meal....

College Girls Meal Plan or any girl with a budget and time crunch - healthy, yummy easy options. If only my college had more healthy options!

College Dorm Survival Guide!   #dorm #collegedorm #survivalguide

Great gift for college bound students- "The College Dorm Survival Guide: How to Survive and Thrive in Your New Home Away from Home"

How to get along with your college roomate! #college  Repinned by Follow us onn Facebook!

Freshman year comes with a lot of new experiences, which can be very stressful. Here are the best tips for surviving freshman year and college in general!

WhitSpeaks: Study Tips from an Honors Nerd

Study Tips from an Honors Nerd

College student study tips from an honors student, these are also good advice for high school students to make good habits early. college student tips

Chic dorm decor

This website has real dorm ideas (great for our rooms at sk) and diy projects for your room or apartment! Only if the dorms at school were bigger.

To remember.....50 smart college dorm decorating tips. Scary to think I'll be shopping god my dorm in a year....

5 Dorm Room Resolution Ideas

50 smart college dorm decorating tips! Dorm, office-tell, same thing really

college savings tips DIY save money cheatsheet

college DIY discounts - discounts for college. I had know idea I could get a discout at these retail stores and restaurants just by showing my student ID! the-college-years-i-guess-i-have-to-let-him-leave-