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    Hanan Khalil
    Hanan Khalil
    Hanan Khalil

    Hanan Khalil

    • Detroit. MI
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    Paper Plate Turkey | Click for 30 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids to Make | Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers to Make

    You saved me from a life of searching for you... I'm so happy we found each other and can begin our life together!!!

    Love is a choice, but it is also a feeling. Feeling IS IMPORTANT because if the feelings die? Part of you dies too... and who wants to exist that way?!?

    I Do Baby!! I get a big smile on my face that probably makes people think I'm crazy! Can't help are my happy!! :-*:-* it really was so wonderful holding your hand!! Kept me smiling for a while!! And did excite me! Hope I can dream of U tonight..but I'll definitely be thinking of U!! Sweet dreams Baby! I Love YOU & Miss YOU very much!! Let's hold each other tight!:-*:-*:-****

    My feet feel like this picture looks! I am in so much pain tonight! peripheral neuropathy

    I believe in destiny and soul mates. I believe that two people who meet randomly and connect very well is not just a coincidence. It could be, but down the line you will know because it doesn't work out. But if it works, I believe it's meant to be. Trust that everything has its perfect time, and no one will understand it but the two people who experience and live it.