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Could be the inspiration for motion graphic. Like the color composition of elements, and delicate line connect together

Belkin - Case + Stand for Apple Pencil - Gray

Belkin - Case + Stand for Apple Pencil - Gray

Two powerfull turbojets, all fuel in wings and tip tanks, all control surfaces on twin booms, all guns fuselage, all pilot in rear cabin. by CUTANGUS

Rendered image of an imaginary Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft of the late German Luftwaffe. VTOL FLY PAST

Texture Archives - leManoosh

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Daniele De Batté is an Italian graphic designer and founder of Artiva Design (one of my favorite Italian studios).


Daniele De Batté // make like 100 of these. title: "the floorplan of my cloud storage space" :) ha!

#ZEISS autofocus lens for mirrorless system cameras from Sony and Fujifilm X

Zeiss reveals more details on the Touit and mirrorless lenses

DxO One

DxO One camera clips on to iPhone and takes high quality photos