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Filip Dujardin is architectural photographer and artist. Dujardin began as a professional architectural photographer before turning to art in creating virtual.

Most inspirational quote ever…

Hey, remember that person you thought you couldn't live without? Well look at you, living & shit!

Let it go

sometimes you need to let things go balloon tattoo quote design idea for women

Word to the wise. - Emma Watson

well said emma watson. also, don't be afraid to love things other people hate. live your own life and be who you want to. ie: the notebook. Hate it.

bear run

You've heard of Gummy Bears right?

Esquire Russia magazine issue no. 89

Samuel L Jackson -Esquire magazine cover [Russia] (June

Double garage on London Mews house!

Longboard mom or cool way to possibly injure your child... Why can't it be both?

helmet for the kid would be good Longboard Stroller- why didn't they have these when mine were little?

This was my house, we just never had a sign.

In this poetry house. this just might become our new motto.

WORDS TO LIVE BY! I have chosen my tattoos carefully. Look closely. As tools, they may grant you a glimpse into the human I am. Equally, they may shield me from what you are if you cannot see beyond the colors inked into my skin.