iO9 posted my photos from the abandoned institute for anatomy in Berlin. Thanks guys!!

Explore The Chilling Remains Of Berlin's Abandoned School Of Anatomy

Urban Exploring - Photos from the pathology of an abandoned university institute for anatomy in Germany.

Urbex photos from an abandonedn North Frisian farm house.

UPDATED WITH NEW PHOTOS! Abandoned Farm House from around This type of building is the typical farm house for a peninsula in the region of North Frisia in Germany.

Photos from abandoned water works in East Germany.

Urban Exploring - Photos from abandoned water supply works in Eastern Germany.

arcanum. urban exploration.: Navy Engineering School K. (Part 1)

Photos of the administration building and the classrooms of the German Navy's abandoned Engineering School.

Lightbulb Factory

Lightbulb Factory S.

Sanatorium J. - Photos from a tuberculosis sanatorium deep in the Harz mountains in Germany.

John decided to start building a sanatorium for lung diseases.The southern slope of a summit in the Harz Mountains was chosen as a building site and in the first patients were admitted.

Photos from an abandoned neo-gothic castle in Germany

Urban Exploration - Photos from an abandoned neo-gothic castle in Germany.

Just what the doctor ordered: Night shots from an abandoned hospital.

Urban Exploration - Black and white night photos from an abandoned hospital.

Photos from my return to the abandoned hospital after more than a year.

Urban Exploration - Photos from an abandoned hospital.

arcanum. urban exploration.: Border Train Station K.

Border Train Station K.