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Historically Accurate Kit

Historically accurate kit -- mostly leatherwork. All of it modern remakes of the garb that went before.

Historically Accurate Kit

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EARLY NEOLITHIC - Seated Mother Goddess, c. 6500. Çatal Höyük, Turkey.

Replica of the Gnezdovo helmet, late 9th century, Ukraine.

Historic Costumes and How to Make Them

Historic Costumes and How to Make Them

Elizabethan stomacher -- so gorgeous!

Elizabethan stomacher

Tudor Doublet and paned slops

  • Mary Harris-Keeler
    Mary Harris-Keeler

    Wonder whose these were?

  • Daniel Rosen
    Daniel Rosen

    This is definitely not historically accurate

Leather hunting suit for Earl of Sussex

  • Mary Harris-Keeler
    Mary Harris-Keeler

    Which Earl of Sussex

  • Lorraine McKee
    Lorraine McKee

    This was a miscat on my behalf, sorry -- this was put together for someone playing the Earl of Sussex back in 1990. It's still a very, very good representation of 16th century gear though (more detail at source).

  • Lorraine McKee
    Lorraine McKee

    Updated and moved to my historically accurate kit board. Must have been having an off day!

  • Mary Harris-Keeler
    Mary Harris-Keeler

    Looks very authentic t me.

Historicalish stays for 16th century garb.

Vlaardingen Shoe "Vlaardingen, Holland, (Het Waaigat site, 1991) Low cut shoe with decorated edge. 9th – 10th Century Parallel shoe from Gdansk, Poland (Wiklak 1960) Classified as a one piece upper with thong fastening. Similar one piece upper shoes with thong fastening dated 11th Century in England, York and Piccadilly with distribution across northern Europe to Poland."

Vlaardingen Shoe

16th Century renaissance suit, from red and gold velvet, slashed and lined with gold silk jacquard. Suit consists of a doublet with detachable sleeves with leather cuffs and collar, trunk hose, cloak, chemise with redwork embro and bonnet (not in picture)

Leather Jerkin, c.1560 pinked decoration of stars and heart motifs between scored lines; Museum of London -- the remake is in this board too!

11 century Rus cuffs

Green Medieval Gown with Fur-trimmed Sleeves.

"Black and Royal Blue Tudor Gown with French Hood. 1540s"

6th cen. Codex C by jeannine24673, via Flickr

Early Coptic Codex. This book is sewn with a link stitch and has sewn endbands. The spine is covered with leather that laces into the wooden covers. Two long wrapping bands with bone closures are attached to the head and foredge. A large leather and vellum bookmark is attached to the back cover. This dramatic binding is based on the 4th century Glazier Codex in the collection of the Morgan Library in New York.

I love the shape of this. 9th – 10th century Borre style, following the form of a 6th century find from Sutton Hoo. Purchasable!

M83 Drinking Horn Final

Alexander Cole - Designer, Costumer & Tailor

Alexander Cole - Designer, Costumer & Tailor

Elizabethan reproduction


Short waist stays

Renaissance Elizabethan wedding bridal Court Gowns Dresses and Costumes

Nice Gown with partlet, the jewelry is lovely

Henry IV. Dress inspired by pictures of English king Henry IV (1367-1413) is composed of very long houpelande fur underlined with tall collar, pourpoint, woolen hose, shirt and underwear. As the headdress is used black woolen chaperone. First half of 15th century.

Tailor's - Catany, Henry IV.

Medieval #bag