Grand Central Terminal sketchbook competition, map of below-grade tracks by Thomas Sheridan, Brooklyn, NY

Gallery of Grand Central Terminal Drawing Competition Winners - 9

Heat Maps of Flickr Photographs and Twitter Tweets by Eric Fischer

Beautiful Heat Maps of Flickr Photographs and Twitter Tweets

A map of Chicago showing people going home, via their tweets. By Eric Fisher.

Paths through New York City, by artist Eric Fischer. A "Flow Map" of New York…

The Netherlands has built a massive system of locks, dams and sea gates to protect the country from storm surges.

The Delta Works are located in the provinces of South Holland and Zeeland.Province - Netherlands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Detailed map of Panama Canal, showing locks under construction.

On August the very first ship, the cargo ship SS Ancon passed the newly built Panama Canal. Unfortunately, in the same month, World War I started fighting in Europe and the official opening ceremony had to be postponed until